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Tyler slowly opened the door and looked inside. What he saw was different from just about anything else he had seen in his life. Men and women roaming the hallways without any apparent purpose or motivation. He looked at the 25-foot-high mural painted in the foyer; it was a schematic blue print that was simply titled, "The Grand Design". It was neither electronic nor architectural, but more of a spiritual design. It was a complex maze that would take someone maybe sixty to seventy years to trace with the naked eye. Along this route, many scenes of fulfillment and tragedy were depicted. Painted over this maze was a simple bridge that ran from the start to the finish of the schematic. The trail that bridge took was called Conformity.

Tyler's eyes remained fixed on the mural as he marvelled at the simplicity of its message. He then shifted from the painting to the people that were roaming the halls of this establishment. He noticed their three-piece suits and BMW key rings.

"They all tried the bridge," came a voice from behind Tyler. "They think they are normal, but lack the character that experiencing life gives us."

A small man in a white lab coat grabbed Tyler's arm and led him to another part of the building. "In here, we can find people who chose to follow the maze. If you like, you can join them as well..."